Discount on Tournament Entry (Scarborough Kings) - March 28

This is a great time to play your first sanctioned tournament since you can get a discount on entry at the Scarborough Kings Tournament on March 28! This is available to you through a partnership between PPGEAR and the Scarborough Kings Table Tennis Club.

If you spend at least $5.00 (before taxes and shipping) at PPGEAR, you qualify for the following tournament discount:

For the U-600 and U-1000 events, you can get $5 off one event, or $10 off two events. See the Entry Form for details and costs.

To qualify for this discount:

  1. You must spend at least $5.00 (before taxes and shipping) at PPGEAR, and request the tournament discount at your time of purchase.
  2. You must compete in the U-600 and/or U-1000 events. This discount does not apply to other events.
  3. You must register through PPGEAR by contacting Arthur at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
    There are limited spots for this discount, so contact me early!

Benefits of Competing:

  1. You'll get your official Canadian rating. Start now, and keep improving your rating by playing in more sanctioned tournaments!
  2. You'll develop your mental game by playing in high-pressure situations. It's simply not the same when you play games in practice. You need a tournament situation with prizes at stake to really develop your mental strength in competition.
  3. You can win great prizes like shirts, rubber sheets, trophies/medals, or prize money!
  4. You'll meet other players and become a part of the table tennis community in the GTA!
  5. You'll see top talent in Toronto, live!
  6. There's also a discount on the Dawei Inspirit Quattro Ultralight rubber for entrants in this tournament. There's also a 10% discount on all other products from PPGEAR that is bought on the tournament premises.

What do "U-600" and "U-1000" mean?

That stands for "Under 600 Rating" and "Under 1000 Rating". If you don't have an official Canadian rating yet, you will get one after your first sanctioned tournament. The higher the rating the better. Players with no rating, or with ratings under 600 and 1000 can play in those two events.

Register for Entry:

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get your discounted entry into this tournament.
See the Entry Form for all details and costs.


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