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 Brand  Name Type Thickness Colour Warranty Price 
Swiftflyte Match Indoor 16 mm (5/8") Blue 1-Year $ 399.00 $469
Swiftflyte Lion 25 Sport Indoor 25 mm (1") Blue 1-Year $ 899.00
Joola Quattro Indoor 3/4" (19mm) Blue 1-Year $ 799.95
Joola 3000 SC Indoor 7/8" (22mm) Blue 1-Year $ 2,739.99
Joola Tour 1800 Indoor 3/4" (18 mm) Blue 1-Year $ 829.95
Joola Tour 2500 Indoor 1" (25mm) Blue 1-Year $ 1,109.95
Butterfly Club 25 Rollaway Indoor 1" (25mm) Blue 1-Year $ 1,473.99
Butterfly Centrefold 25 Indoor 1" (25mm) Blue 1-Year $ 2,319.99
Butterfly Playback Rollaway Indoor 3/4" (19mm) Blue 1-Year $ 799.99
Butterfly Premium Rollaway Indoor 3/4" (19mm) Green 1-Year $ 999.99
Butterfly Europa 25 Indoor 1" (25mm) Blue 1-Year $ 1,819.99
Butterfly Match 22 Rollaway Indoor 7/8" (22 mm) Blue 1-Year $ 1,339.99
Butterfly Sport Rollaway Indoor 3/4" (19 mm) Blue 1-Year $ 529.99
Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Indoor 1" (25 mm) Blue 1-Year $ 2,179.99
Butterfly Nippon Rollaway Indoor 7/8" (22 mm) Green 1-Year $ 1,999.99
Butterfly Compact Indoor 19 mm 1-Year $ 599.99
Butterfly Easifold Rollaway Indoor 19 mm 1-Year $ 799.99
Swiftflyte Magnus Indoor 19 mm (3/4") Blue 1-Year $ 699.00
Butterfly Easifold Outdoor Rollaway Outdoor 12 mm Blue 1-Year $ 999.99 $1,040
Joola NOVA DX Outdoor Outdoor 6mm Blue 1-Year $ 799.00 $850
Butterfly Outdoor Playback Outdoor 1/4" (7mm) Green 1-Year $ 999.99 $1,168
Butterfly Sport Outdoor Rollaway Outdoor 5/32" (4 mm) Blue 1-Year $ 749.99
Butterfly Compact Outdoor Outdoor 12 mm Blue 1-Year $ 779.99
Joola Conversion Top w/ Foam Backing Fun 5/8" (16mm) Blue 1-Year $ 329.00
Joola Midsize Fun 5/8" Blue 1-Year $ 219.00
Butterfly Fun Table Fun 12 mm 1-Year $ 159.99
Butterfly Junior Fun 12 mm 1-Year $ 329.99

Warranty (1-Year) on Table Tennis Tables

There is a 1-Year Warranty on all ping pong tables. This covers "functional damage" from:

  1. Manufacturer's Defects.
    • 1-Week Reporting Deadline: If you see a Manufacturer's Defect, you must report it within 7 days of delivery (or pick-up). Perform a thorough inspection after assembling the table and report any issues immediately. This one-week deadline applies only to Manufacturer's Defects and any damage that you claim to have occurred BEFORE delivery/pick-up.
  2. Damage from Normal Use.
    • Damage from reckless use is not covered. Examples include (but are not limited to) damage from users of the table dropping it on the ground or tipping it over, hitting the table with objects like rackets, putting excessive weight on it, and any other Improper Use. Please read Proper Use of Tables for instructions on setting up and folding up the tables.
  3. Damage during Delivery/Shipping.
    • Note the 1-Week Reporting Deadline mentioned above under Manufacturer's Defects.
  4. Functional Damage refers to damage that has a noticeable negative impact on play. Non-functional Damage (which is NOT covered) may be considered damage but does not noticeably affect the table's performance. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Scratches, marks and dents on hidden parts of the table (such as the underside of the table)
    • Shallow hairline scratches on the playing surface which are barely visible and don't affect the bounce of the ball on it

Proper Use of Tables

Please carefully read the Proper Use of Tables in order to avoid injury or damage to your table from improper use.
  1. Lock the Wheels during play. When you set up the table for play, lock the wheels by pressing down on the lever that is on the wheels. This will lock the wheels so the table doesn't roll. This also prevents the table from tipping over when you fold up the table.
  2. Unlock the Elbow when folding up. When folding up the table to put it away, unlock the elbow by the outer legs. This elbow stabilizes the table during play, but prevents the table from folding up, until unlocked. Unlock it by bending the elbow upward. When locked, it is straight.

    Table Elbow on AK/BR Tables

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