Butterfly Baselard

Butterfly Baselard table tennis premade racket.

Butterfly Baselard
Speed 8 / 100
Spin 7 / 100
Control 9 / 100
Tackiness / 100
Handles Flared
$ 39.99 + taxes

Description of the Butterfly Baselard

Butterfly has introduced a brand new racket series. These rackets are referred to as the Medieval Series. AKA go medieval on your opponents. In the Medieval Age, the Baselard was a lightweight yet effective short sword ideal for close quarter fighting. Its armor piercing ability was great for fast attacks and precision cuts. The Baselard racket is a shakehand grip racket that provides excellent distance play with increased speed while still offering a sufficient amount of spin and control. This is another racket toward the beginner side. The rubber is Japanese Morim Rubber with a 1.5mm Sponge.
The Baselard has a foam core handle that absorbs vibration or impact offering a better feel. This new design shifts the weight from the handle of the blade to the head, dramatically enlarging the sweet spot and adding more power to every stroke.

Wood Type: Akazie
•Weight: 163gm
•Head Height: 151mm
•Handle Length: 104mm
•Handle Thickness: 22mm
•Surface: Inverted
•Sponge: 1.5mm Pan Asia
•Flared handle


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