Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fibrer 2000

Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fibrer 2000 table tennis premade racket.

Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fibrer 2000
Speed 9 / 100
Spin 8 / 100
Control 7 / 100
Tackiness / 100
Handles Flared
$ 51.99 + taxes

Description of the Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fibrer 2000

•The Timo Boll Carbon Fiber series from Butterfly is designed for the more serious recreational player
•The Pan Asia rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin
•The additional carbon fiber plies provides more consistent and powerful attacks

Are you an experienced aggressive player? Have you been consistently playing table tennis for two or three years? Have you developed solid forehand and backhand strokes? Do you have a good feel for your wood blade are you playing at a higher level? Perhaps you may have developed as an attacking player who contacts at the top of the bounce. In this stage you may be ready for the Timo Boll 2000 Carbon Fiber Racket. This shake hand grip racket is named after Timo Boll who is a left-handed Table Tennis champion whose best weapon is his forehand topspin drive but is also well-known for his tremendously quick backhand loop. Don't plateau your game choose a new racket. You will be amazed how much a blade change can improve your game even as a recreational player. With the Timo Boll 2000 CF Racket you enjoy the following advantages: power, speed on the ball or attack, less vibration and a harder feel than regular wood, consistent life of five to ten years and a larger sweet-spot for shocking level control. The Pan Asia rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin, while the additional carbon fiber plies allow for more consistent and powerful attacks.


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