LKT LoopSonic Transformer

LKT (Li Kuang Tsu) LoopSonic Transformer table tennis premade racket.

LKT LoopSonic Transformer
Speed 5 / 100
Spin 4 / 100
Control 9 / 100
Tackiness 20 / 100
Handles Flared,
Chinese Penhold
$ 26.90 + taxes

Description of the LKT LoopSonic Transformer

The LoopSonic Transformer is a pre-made racket made for beginners and recreational players. It's speed is medium-slow, which is perfect for recreational players since control is most important for development. The spin is medium-low, which is also good for recreational players since it gives you a feel of how spin reacts to the racket, but not to the degree that heavy spins will send the ball flying uncontrollably.

Don't be fooled by the low ratings of speed and spin, the LoopSonic is much better than most pre-made rackets (even those from Stiga and Butterfly), since generally those rackets are practically incapable of generating spin. The LoopSonic is about half-way between the cheap pre-made rackets and professional custom-assembled rackets. Other premade rackets always have inflated ratings made by the marketing department. The LoopSonic is no exception, the packaging rates it as 8/10 for speed and spin which is definitely not true. On the grand scale (compared to competition rackets), the speed and spin are not even close to 8/10.

If you're looking for a racket to compete with or enjoy on a higher level, I'd recommend a custom-assembled combo. See Recommended Racket Combos for suggestions.

It comes with a key that you can insert into the handle to shift a weighted block. This shifts the sweet spot towards where the ball is normally hit in the head of the racket, increasing the speed. But the effect of this is minimal, and playing around with it too much may loosen the mechanism, so I recommend not touching it at all, or "set it and forget it", leaving it in the same position. If it does get loosened, I will NOT be replacing it, so use the key at your own risk.


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