Racket Care

Racket Care It is important to take care of your racket and clean the rubber sheets (not including pips) regularly. To help your racket to last as long as possible, you should do the following:

  1. Use a Racket Case. Keep your racket in a protective case at all times when not in use.
  2. Cover your Rubbers with Protective Sheets. When not playing, make sure to cover the rubber surface with the plastic protective sheets. This prevents surface damage and keeps dirt and dust off. Uncovered, exposed rubber sheets deteriorate much faster and can lose tackiness and grip quickly.
  3. Clean your Rubber Sheets regularly. After each playing session you should clean your rubber sheets. You don't need any special cleaning product; a lot of cleaning products (made for table tennis rubbers) contain alcohol and will dry out your rubbers. Simply:
    • Wash your hands with soap to remove the oil and dirt from your hands.
    • Run your palm under water and wipe the rubber surface until all the dust is off. Do NOT run the blade under water.
    • Wave the racket dry in the air and put the plastic protective sheets back on.
  4. Do not leave your racket in extreme temperatures (hot or cold), or in humid environments, or exposed to the sun.

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