Dawei Inspirit Quattro

Dawei Inspirit Quattro table tennis rubber.

Dawei Inspirit Quattro
Speed 95 / 100
Spin 86 / 100
Control 65 / 100
Tackiness 25 / 100
Sponge Hardness 35° (Soft)
40° (Medium Soft)
Sponge Thickness 2.2mm, 2.3mm
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Description of the Dawei Inspirit Quattro

This is the fastest rubber I carry; it was designed for the speed glue ban. If pure speed is what you want, this could be the answer. It's lightly tacky so it still has pretty good spin capabilities. This is a rubber for finishing a point.

This is the rubber that everyone has been buzzing about in the forums. After the original Inspirit made a splash, the new Inspirit Quattro with built-in speed glue effect is making another splash just months later. This definitely feels like the speed has increased another 20-30% from the original Inspirit. If it has a flaw, it's too fast, a little challenging to keep finesse balls short, and a bit on the heavier side.


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