Replacement for Expensive Rubbers like Sriver, Mark V

Substitute for Sriver, Mark V

Tired of paying up to $35-70 for a sheet of Butterfly rubber? You no longer have to spend so much money on Japanese and European rubbers like the Butterfly Sriver, Bryce and Tenergy 05/25/64 or the Yasaka Mark V. There are some great replacements from Dawei that will give you very comparable performance but for $21-24 per sheet.

Dawei has emerged in North America as a new force in equipment coming out of China. They're not a new or unestablished company; they sponsored the World Table Tennis Championship in 2000!

Their latest Inspirit series of rubbers has been getting great reviews online and is only now starting to get more recognition in Canada and the USA:

Dawei Inspirit Series

Here is Dawei's line of Japanese/European-style rubbers. They are non-tacky (or just slightly tacky) like many Butterfly and Yasaka rubbers like the Sriver, Bryce and Mark V.

Dawei Inspirit - $21.00

This was the first on the scene around 2007, making a splash on forums. It is a non-tacky rubber with a fairly low throw angle. Its speed is similar to the Sriver. Give this a shot if you're a Sriver user!

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Dawei Inspirit Quattro - $23.00

This came after, when the craze for built-in speed glue effect was rampant. The new Quattro sponge drastically increased the speed (about 20% over the regular Inspirit), making it a great option for people who used to use speed glue. The effect may not be the same as speed glue (no one has found a substitute for speed glue yet) but it's definitely a close option that doesn't require any special treatment. The topsheet is also just a touch tacky for some added spin, but still plays like a Japanese/European rubber.

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Dawei Inspirit Quattro Ultralight - $24.00

This is the latest offering for the people who wanted a great rubber like the Inspirit Quattro but with a lighter weight. The topsheet was thinned out (which increases dwell time and spin) and the overall rubber made lighter to achieve a speed similar to the Inspirit Quattro (almost) but much lighter.

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Compare to the Expensive Rubbers:

Prices in Canadian dollars:
  • Butterfly Sriver - $35
  • Butterfly Sriver G2 - $54
  • Butterfly Bryce - $50
  • Butterfly Cermet - $43
  • Yasaka Mark V - $35
  • Yasaka V-Stage - $50
  • Yasaka X-Tend - $47
  • Joola Express One/Two - $68
  • Joola Energy X-tra - $62
  • Donic Coppa JO Gold - $57
  • Donic Desto F1/F2/F3 - $55

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